There are hundreds of thousands of people who have jumped on the bandwagon with the University of Iowa Women's Basketball team. With the run, they were able to have last year in the NCAA tournament, with Caitlin Clark taking the nation by storm, and playing in the championship game, it's no wonder the program has gained so many new fans.

This team has had players break records, coaches break records, and as a unit, they broke a 21-year attendance record. The game that was played at Kinnick Stadium was the first women's basketball game to be played outdoors in a football stadium and 55,646 fans packed in to watch the exhibition game. The previous record was 29,619 attendees according to CNN.

I found a pretty interesting image while I was scrolling through social media last night and I couldn't help but just laugh. Did you know the University of Iowa Women's Basketball team now officially has more wins at Kinnick Stadium than these 4 individuals?

Brock Purdy, former QB at Iowa State University, now NFL starter for the San Francisco 49ers, faced off against the Hawkeyes twice in his college career. The Cyclones went 0-2 in those games. To be fair... Purdy never actually played a game at Kinnick, according to Crossing Broad. He was not the starter in 2018 and the 2020 game was canceled due to COVID. The point still stands, he'll never get a W at Kinnick Stadium in his football career.

PJ Fleck is the head coach of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. PJ Fleck has played against Iowa 6 times and is 0-6. Half of those games have been at Kinnick Stadium. We'll see if the Hawkeyes can make it 7-0 this Saturday when they face off against the Golden Gophers for the Floyd of Rosedale Pig.

Scott Frost is the former head coach at the University of Nebraska. He was with the team from 2018-2022 and posted a 16-31 record, according to Huskers. Scott Frost never won a single game at Kinnick Stadium. The Corn Huskers had a chance to beat Iowa at home in 2021. They were leading 21-6 midway through the game, only to blow the lead in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Urban Meyer is regarded as one of the best college football coaches of all time. He won a national championship while coaching the Florida Gators in 2006. He won another title in 2008, and then he won his 3rd collegiate championship in 2014 as the coach of Ohio State.


While Urban Meyer was the head coach of Ohio State, they were regarded as one of the best teams in the country. Despite that, he never beat Iowa in Kinnick Stadium. Urban Meyer has more National Championship wins than wins at Kinnick Stadium.

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All In Good Fun

I know this is just a fun internet meme but it is kind of amazing that after only 1 win, the University of Iowa Women's Basketball team officially has more wins at the historic Kinnick Stadium than these football coaches/players. It goes without saying but...they don't even play football and have had more success at Kinnick than these football guys!! What an awesome fact to bring up at your next tailgate party.

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