At this point, the only way I can get any 'me time' is when I'm sitting on the toilet. Which is why my secret recipe for 'me time' is a really big burrito from Pancheros with a tall glass of Metamucil on the side...

According to a new survey of 2,000 people from (ironically) Good News Network, the average person says they only get 43 minutes of 'me time' a day. That works out to a total of about five hours a week.

So what's getting in the way? Here are some of the top things that keep us from getting in some nice solo relaxation:

  • Too much noise
  • Work
  • Stressing out over the news
  • My significant other
  • My kids
  • Current events

So what is an easy way to improve your mood even when you don't have a ton of time? Go out into your backyard. The study concluded 75% of folks wish they spent more time outdoors and 20% admit they don’t use their own outdoor space enough. Now that the weather has improved, maybe it's time to get out and enjoy your backyard!

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