School teachers in America might have one of the most complicated jobs that exists. Teachers are educators, mentors, friends, role models, and babysitters. I don't mean to say babysitter in an offensive way either. Elementary school teachers look after kids who are too young to stay at home by themselves when mom and dad want to go out.

I'm sure they'd rather be teaching but I guarantee there are some days that feel a lot more like babysitting. To be fair, there are high school kids in 2023 who could probably use a's not just elementary teachers.

Being a teacher is hard. Each year, more is added to teachers' plates and they are expected to do more with less time and less financial support. They are in charge of teaching all different kinds of students who learn differently, mature at different rates, and all have different situations at home.

Some students need more motivation than others, students all have different favorite subjects in school, and they deal with kids who are learning to grow into becoming their own person.

In many ways, I'm sure it can be a completely rewarding experience when teachers watch kids problem-solve and learn new skills. Knowing they helped guide a young student probably feels completely gratifying.

I'm also sure that on some days, it can feel like the most thankless job in the world. I could never do it. Most of the people reading this could never do it. Teachers are real-life superheroes who are helping build the future of America.

Let's see how much these superheroes get paid in Iowa.

Unsplash - Taylor Flowe
Unsplash - Taylor Flowe

Average Salaries

As of November 2nd, 2023, Zip Recruiter has collected the average salaries for teachers in different cities in Iowa. On the higher end, you'll see salaries around $80,000. On the lower end, you'll see salaries closer to $25,000. Most Iowa teachers make between $43,000 and $58,000, which is a fairly wide range.

Highest Paying Cities in Iowa

According to Zip Recruiter, these Iowa cities pay teachers the highest average salaries each year

  • 10. Davenport - $49,823
  • 9. West Des Moines - $50,012
  • 8. Waterloo - $50,584
  • 7. Cedar Rapids - $51,067
  • 6. Ames - $51,427
  • 5. New London - $51,567
  • 4. Iowa City - $51,766
  • 3. Des Moines - $52,443
  • 2. Dubuque - $53,538
  • 1. Sioux City - $54,450

The state of Iowa also ranks 21st out of 50 when it comes to School Teacher salaries nationwide.

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