2021 seems to be just rolling along, doesn't it? It's been almost a month since we started up the K92.3 student spotlight. Just like every single week we have picked out one amazing kid out of SO MANY to honor.

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As always our partner in this venture Screaming Eagle is giving us a hand to make these kids feel special. Each honoree will receive a gift card to the Screaming Eagle and a certificate verifying their awesomeness. Make sure you absolutely crush it at skeeball, Arnela!


Arnela is a third grader from Lou Henry Elementary. There are so many amazing things about this Elementary school student. Not only does she always exceed expectations in almost everything she does, but she also is incredibly organized and makes sure to take her time to get things done correctly.

Amazing student academically: check!

Young Arnela is quick to help others. She is the very first person to offer up help for another classmate whether it be in a class assignment, but also when one of her peers needs a friend.

Awesome person with amazing character: another check!

One of the toughest thing for anyone, from third graders to adults is trying something outside of their comfort zone. Arnela is taking this challenge on by participating in some new activities and sports. A little birdie also told us that she also spoke during a school assembly!

Wow! There are some grown adults who can't step up to do that. Great job, Arnela!

Here is just a bit more about our current student of the week:

"Her kindness shows through everything she does.

Talking with her parents, I know Arnela is a great, caring big sister to her 2 younger siblings. Arnela has also taken several opportunities that are outside of her comfort zone. "


If you know a stellar kid like Arnela in the Waterloo public school district then go and nominate them! We will be picking one student to honor from now until Memorial Day.



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