It's some tough times right now. Not just because of the fear of Coronavirus, lack of medical supplies and quarantine but also because for many people who worked in businesses that have now been closed due to this situation they are unemployed.

Who would have known this pandemic would cause so much grief to our economy but it seems like every day there is a new closure of a business which means many more Iowans laid off. State Auditor Rob Sand has decided to step up to the plate and lend a helping hand.

According to the Des Moines Register, on Monday Sand announced via social media that he was donating a month of his salary to a new Coronavirus aid fund he has created. Now this fund will allow anyone who has been laid off due to this pandemic and regularly visits their local restaurant to be given $20 in order to support local restaurants and give the unemployed Iowans a meal. This will last as long as donations are available.

The qualifications are that the Iowans must have applied for unemployment and must send their confirmation email from this to They must also send a copy of the receipt from the restaurant they patronize and include a Venmo or PayPal account.

Now this may not seem like a lot of money but to some $20 is a free meal which could be their saving grace. So if you want to help out with this fund, Sand has said as of Monday it had raised more than $4,000. You can donate via Venmo @IowaHi or via PayPal which is

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