There are few joys in life that can match the last day of school. That's true today and it was true 41 years ago as a video share from Iowa City shows dating back to the spring of 1980.

One of my favorite movies is Dazed and Confused. It was a throwback to the late 1970's starring Matthew McConaughey among others. The vibe of that movie is similar to what happened in Iowa City in 1980. The era of flare jeans was about to become the big hair of the 1980's and you can see both of those trends in this Iowa throwback.

Craig Wyrick-Solari dropped this retro moment on YouTube many years ago. Here's a little bit of how he described it:

This video is about City High Class of 1980 Last Day...Note that the soundtrack consists of all the #1 Billboard hits from the school year

If you look at Billboard's top 100 for 1980, you'll see Pink Floyd, Blondie and other mega-stars from back in the day. Michael Jackson had one of his first ever hits with "Rock With You" and you can bet these Iowa City seniors many of those songs on their 8-track tapes in their cars. (Yes, I said "8-track tapes")

When I see videos like this, I wonder where many seen in these videos are now. What did they experience in their lives? Did they have families of their own? What are they doing now? What would they do different?

It's fun to see moments like this from four decades ago. Here's hoping these Iowa City seniors went on to find happiness and success.

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