A popular gas station chain here in the Midwest recently issued a voluntary recall on several food items. If you were hitting the road to visit family over Thanksgiving and made a stop at a gas station to grab some snacks, you might want to double check the package.

This is actually a part of an expanded recall of fresh fruit by TruFresh.

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In late November, Kwik Trip, Inc. issued a voluntary recall of three different fresh-cut fruit cup and tray products. Here are the specific items that were listed in the recall.

Product Description for Recalled Items:


UPC ~39779 00240

Sell by date: 11/4/2023 – 12/3/2023


UPC ~39779 00213

Sell by date: 11/4/2023 – 12/3/2023

FRUIT TRAY: 16 oz.

UPC ~ 39779 00248

Sell by date: 11/4/2023 – 12/3/2023

"Kwik Trip, Inc. takes the safety and integrity of the products it sells seriously," officials confirmed in a statement from the FDA.

All of these products contain cantaloupe from TruFresh, "which has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella."

sliced cantaloupe melon path isolated

There has been a nationwide outbreak of salmonella that has been linked to cantaloupe, according to reports. The CDC confirmed that there have been 117 illnesses reported that are linked to said outbreak. In addition, there have been 61 hospitalizations and two deaths reported.

CDC officials are urging consumers not to consume pre-cut cantaloupes if they are unsure if they contain Malichita and Rudy cantaloupes. Those specific types of cantaloupes were the ones recalled due to salmonella.

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