Raleigh Keegan can't seem to get away from a high school sweetheart in his new song "Way Back" -- and that's a good thing. Readers can press play below to hear the track, which is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Written by Keegan with Kyle Sturrock and produced by Ryan Gore, "Way Back" finds the singer reflecting on teenage memories: fake IDs, late-night drives to nowhere and young love that probably should have ended when she went away to college. "We were supposed to outgrow each other / Like a song burns out each summer," he sings, but somehow, she'd "always end up showing up," and although life changed, they "grew up and grew back together."

It's not a given that this couple will end up together forever, but against the odds, they're still together for now. "Yeah, I always say / I hope that one day we’ll be looking / Way back to 17 / Throwback skipping through a CD / Seats leaned way back," Keegan sings. "We know those clocks roll forward, but / Somehow we always find our way back."

Born inside the Columbus State Penitentiary -- his biological mother was in jail on drug-related charges -- Keegan was adopted and raised by a family in Cincinnati, Ohio. He played football at Kentucky's Georgetown College and was a natural athlete, but when he was sidelined due to an injury, Keegan turned to his other passion: music.

In 2018, Keegan quit his personal training job, sold his house and moved to Nashville. He's since released three EPs and, earlier this year, launched a podcast; he's also been keeping busy during the novel coronavirus pandemic by releasing acoustic material each month.

"Way Back" is one of more than a dozen new songs that Keegan recently completed with producer Gore, and it's due out widely on Friday (Sept. 25). Fans can learn more at RaleighKeegan.com.

Listen to Raleigh Keegan's "Way Back"

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