We love our baseball here. Don't believe me. I can prove with science that nothing stops baseball in Iowa and that includes a tornado.

I've already confessed my love and appreciation for Iowa Chill on TikTok. They are constant entertainment when it comes to amusing brief video moments of Iowa life. There's no mention of where this video was taken, but does it really matter? Nope, because this is our attitude about baseball in Iowa. You might remember that we shared this a couple years ago right after it first happened.

You might remember that we shared a story of how the Field of Dreams in Dyersville brought over 100,000 to Iowa even during COVID. How is that possible? I'll say it again. Nothing stops baseball in Iowa. Not even a pandemic.

I did some investigating and found that this video on TikTok originated back in the summer of 2019 in Montezuma, Iowa.

Don't mind that twisting vortex behind the field. It'll pass. We've got a doubleheader to play here.

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