Here are some of the priceless treasures we know are safe from the blaze.

Most of the wooden lattice work, the famous spire, and most of the main building area are completely burned during Monday's fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

But there are PRICELESS pieces in the Notre Dame Cathedral and first responders were trying to get certain artifacts out of the fire before being damaged. As of last night, here is an update on some of those priceless artifacts on if they have been saved or unconfirmed if saved or not.

The Crown of Thorns - which is said to be the actual crown placed upon Jesus' head before the crucifixion and the most prized possession of the cathedral has been recorded as SAVED.
Fragments of the True Cross - Said to be pieces from the actual cross Jesus was crucified on have NOT been confirmed on if saved or not.
The Holy Nail - A nail believed used as one of the nails driven into Jesus at the crucifixion has NOT been confirmed on if saved or not.
"Tunic of St. Louis" - worn by the King of France baptized at Notre Dame in the 1200's has been SAVED.
The Twin Bell Towers - SAVED.
"Emanuelle" - The Cathedral's main bell in the South Bell Tower has been SAVED.
The Original "Great Organ" - Dates back to the medieval period with pipes still working from it's original build has been SAVED.
The Rose Windows - The iconic stained glass widows have been SAVED.

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