If you were having friends or relatives visit you here in the Corridor and they asked you about the best place to get some award-winning BBQ food, there was always Q-Dogs in Marion. The small, intimate restaurant on Old Marion Road featured great BBQ meals, sides, and a family-friendly atmosphere. I've been to countless gatherings and dinners there. Sadly, those days are nearly over.

According to the Q-Dogs Barbeque Company's Facebook page, the restaurant is preparing to close its doors. The news was met with great disappointment from fans of the restaurant's amazing BBQ dishes. What wasn't there to love? The brisket was so good you had to make sure and get there early before it ran out! The cheesy potatoes were world-famous and the cornbread? It was like eating a piece of cake.


The other thing that Q-Dogs brought to the area was live music from some of the best local artists around. Kevin Burt, Billy Lee Janey, and more would play acoustic sets while you were hitting the BBQ. The music wasn't loud and overpowering, but it wasn't background music. It set the stage perfectly. Owners Jeff and Judy Coil stated on the restaurant's Facebook page that they had "fought the good fight" for the past three years, but that it was time to move on.

The post says that Q-Dogs will be closing its doors on Saturday, September 23rd. Jeff and Judy say that they are looking for new owners, so perhaps Q-Dogs could return at some point in time. But if you have a friend or relative who still hasn't experienced the fantastic food at Q-Dogs, you still have a few days to get to Marion. Hurry before the brisket is gone!

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