This cookie isn't even the problem... it's the box.

PETA and other animal rights groups have been up in arms about the box the Nabisco snack has come in because "the animals are in cages." Animal Crackers have come in this box for the last 116 years. But because animals were mistreated by circuses, they wanted these drawings of animals to be free too. (I'm laughing even as I type that.)

The "new look" boxes can be found in the Inside Edition story below:


This isn't the first weird outrage PETA and other animals activists have taken on. See some more of their weird campaigns here.

  • PETA even came out with their own Pokemon-esk game where you play as a Pokemon releasing all the other Pokemon from cages and their trainers.
  • Wouldn't a hunter just shoot the drone down?
  • Exactly....

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