Iowa is home to many amazing schools that give plenty of students across the state great opportunities to further their education. Do you think it's possible to guess what someone's personality type is, based on the Iowa college they decide to go to? When I first saw this video I thought no way, but now...I'm wondering if Rebekah is on to something in her video.

Rebekah Mason is a student at the University of Iowa and has done a lot of really cool college-based TikToks. Like this one, where she guesses what students' dorm rooms look like, based on their college majors.

She's also helped college students with her favorite food hack for cooking in college. College students can learn to make pasta in 15 minutes using a microwave. When you're a broke college student, any kind of cheap and easy food can go a long way. I would've been able to eat this pasta for weeks at a time when I was in college.


One of my favorite TikTok videos she's made is guessing the personality of college students in Iowa, based on what school they go to. She does start the video off by saying it is biased as she is a student at the University of Iowa but I was curious, do you agree with the personalities she's associated with each school?

Iowa State University - You're either an agriculture major or an animal science major and want to be a vet. If you go to Iowa State you grew up in a rural area and wear cowboy boots to class. You also drink Busch light.

Kirkwood Community College - You're a nursing major, an athlete, or you're just there to save money. You party hard if you go to this school.

University of Northern Iowa - You're probably a business or teaching major, extra points for Elementary Ed. You also most likely grew up in Cedar Falls or Waterloo. You'll have to watch her video to see what she says about Sharkeys and their fishbowls.

The University of Iowa - If you go here, you're the best, go Hawks. If you go to this school you're likely from Iowa or the Chicago suburbs. You might be a frat boy who's a business major.

St. Ambrose University - You either transferred to this school or are trying to transfer out of this school. You are either a Catholic or an athlete and not catholic at all.

You can watch her full video here. Also just a reminder, this is all good college fun. Don't take any of this personally if you or someone you know attends any of these schools.


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