Using it's evil annoying song for good? One can only hope, especially parents.

It's the song we are so tired of hearing that even those who don't have kids know the tune all too annoyingly well. For those of you who don't know this song, you are lucky! Basically, its a song about a shark family and just saying each family members name over and over again with some "doo-doos" thrown in... oh and some dance moves. Kids are obsessed with this song, to the point that they are singing it ALL THE TIME and yeah most parents want to rip their hair out. However, what if this "evil" song was put to good, educational use?

The WowWee Baby Shark Melody Walker is here to (hopefully) save the day and make the song a little easier for parents to listen too. Basically, this is a walker that will help to teach your kid to walk and plays the song when they push the walker to walk, which means that the kid can ONLY hear it if they walk! When they stop, the song stops! No more listening to the song on repeat for hours on end... well until they learn how to consistently walk, then I don't know how to help you parents.

This walker is for ages 12 months and up and will be released in October of 2019 for $40 at retail stores. Know anyone who could benefit from this? Well, take a look at what it actually looks like below and keep it on birthday/Christmas gift lists because it's about to be the hottest thing this year!

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