Just in time for Shark Week!

From a Youtube phenomenon, to a live touring show, and now CEREAL! Sorry, parent's "Baby Shark" ain't going away anytime soon.

The song just keeps getting more popular as the days go by and honestly any smart person would monopolize on that... right? Well, Kellogg's is!

Kellogg's just announced that they will be coming out with a "Baby Shark" cereal and it basically sounds like a Captain Crunch Berries and Lucky Charms mix. The cereal will consist of berry flavored "O"-shaped pieces and have some marshmallows mixed in. This arguably will be the cereal that all your kids are going to be dying to have and no, you won't be able to go through the grocery store without seeing some little tike with a box of this... so just, give in now parents.

The cereal will be in Walmart and Sam's Club stores exclusively starting August 16th. And just to prove we are not joking about this, click here for a picture of what the cereal will look like.

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