There is a state in the country that wants to put a cut on food stamp spending and that state is Iowa. A new proposed bill in Iowa would directly impact the spending for individuals on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) on certain items that can be purchased.

According to CBS News, the bill would prevent SNAP users from purchasing fresh meat, butter, white rice, white bread, sliced cheese, cooking oil, herbs, spices, and coffee/tea.

Unsplash - Olga Kudriavtseva
Unsplash - Olga Kudriavtseva

House File 3 was originally introduced by state House Speaker Pat Grassley, who is the grandson of Chuck Grassley. He believes the bill is needed to help free funding for other priorities.

According to CBS2Iowa, Grassley commented on House File 3 last Thursday. He said

Everyone wants to make this new ESA program look like the true threat to public education. If you look at the cost, if you want to look at a true budget impact on what things really are challenging in the budget for public education or private education, whatever it would be, it's these entitlement programs. They're the ones that are growing within the budget and are putting pressure on us to be able to fund other priorities.

It should be noted that SNAP benefits aren't 100% on each individual state to cover. This program is funded by the federal government and according to CBS2Iowa, the state covers 50% of the administrative costs. House File 3 would also limit those who qualify for food stamps in Iowa to $2,750. If your net worth is above that limit, you would no longer qualify to receive the benefits.

Not all party members on are board with the bill and how it has been initially proposed. According to CBS2Iowa, Iowa Representative, (R) Ann Meyer, will amend the bill to prevent SNAP recipients from purchasing pop and candy. She believes the initially proposed bill is "too severe."

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