Minnesota has Prince...

Pennsylvania has Taylor Swift...

But who does Nebraska have?

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I was scrolling through social media one day, when I came across an interesting piece about the highest grossing artists from each state.

When I was a kid, I thought all of the famous musicians that I had CDs of either were from Los Angeles or NYC. While they might have moved there for their big break, not everyone calls those places home.

How Can You Even Figure This Out?

According to Paste Magazine, this ranking was determined based off of information from the Recording Industry Association of America, specifically in terms of units sold per artist.

At first glance at the list, I was shocked. It seemed like some of these claims were not adding up.

Tennessee's highest grossing artist from the state is Tina Turner and NOT Dolly Parton? How could that be?!?

But if you were to go by the data from the Recording Industry, then I suppose the math is mathing.

Highest Grossing Artists of All Time

The top highest grossing artists overall according to this data are as follows:

1. The Beatles

2. Garth Brooks

3. Elvis Presley

4. Eagles

5. Led Zeppelin

Who...Or WHAT Is the Highest Grossing Artist in Nebraska?

This one...is unexpected.

I'm going to shoot straight with you, Nebraska isn't known for the immense musical talent that comes from the state. I looked up the most well-known musicians from Nebraska, and I swear most of these are all made up.

Who even is Elliot Smith or Matthew Sweet? Those are some of the most popular stars from the Cornhusker State, according to Ranker.

But who made the most money?

According to the data, Mannheim Steamroller is the highest grossing musical artist of all time from Nebraska.

A Little About Mannheim Steamroller

This group kind of owns Christmas music in my humble opinion. They are described as a "neoclassical new-age music ensemble" and they are out of Omaha.

Mannheim Steamroller has put out twenty-six Christmas albums over the years.

Everyone who attends one of these shows during the holiday season always seems to be raving about the music and performance!

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