In the world of comedy, you see a lot of comedians trying to push the edge when it comes to joke writing. For some comics, there's no topic off-limits to joke about and there's no shortage of language some comedians will use to get their jokes out.

Some comedy fans have no issues with what jokes are said or the language some comedians use. If you go and watch a Nate Bargatze comedy show, not only can you expect continuous laughs, but you won't have to worry about any cursing if you'd rather not listen to that type of comedy, and there's a special reason for that.

Clean Comedy

Nate Bargatze is coming to and Des Moines in May and Cedar Rapids in June. He has been referred to as the "nicest man in stand-up." Nate has been working as a standup comedian for more than 20 years. He's lasted 20 years, all while keeping his material clean. In a day and age where comics are seen pushing the envelope regularly, Nate credits his parent's influence for his comedic style.

In an interview with Movie Guide, Nate spoke about not wanting to disappoint his parents, even at 43 years old. He said

I don’t want to disappoint my parents. I would also feel mortified and “very uncomfortable” using inappropriate material in front of them. I just can’t imagine cursing in front of your parents. Still, even now, I’m 43-years-old and I still just couldn’t do that. So that’s how I write. I think I write my comedy too—a lot of it is to make my parents laugh. I want them to be proud and be like, ‘Oh, come watch my son do comedy,’ and not be offended by it. I just don’t have that in me to want to offend someone or make someone feel bad.

Nate Bargatze is a Grammy-nominated comedian who has two standup specials on Netflix; The Tennessee Kid and The Greatest Average American. He also released his first special on Amazon Prime called Hello World, in January of 2023. According to Deadline, Hello World broke Amazon's record for the biggest comedy special debut.

Nate Bargatze will perform "The Be Funny" tour at the Wells Fargo Arena, in Des Moines, on Saturday, May 18th. His Cedar Rapids show will take place at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse Tickets will be available for both shows on January 26th at 10. You can find tickets at HyVeeTix or Crevents Live.

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