It's way more elaborate than what I'm actually cooking.

It seems like whether it's cereal or a full dinner, every time I go into the kitchen, a cook show begins. Its like my apartment disappears and all of a sudden I'm in a TV studio and putting on a celebrity cooking show. Here's the thing... I don't watch celebrity cooking shows.

I've only seen clips of Gordon Ramsay pulling out every piece of meat of a lobster or coming up with the perfect steak sandwich. But that is exactly what I'm doing in my kitchen. I actually think I could make my meals a lot faster if I didn't narrate the whole process.

"First we take a medium sized cereal bowl, fill it near the top with your favorite cereal (I prefer Honey Nut Cheerios) then you take your milk (I choose 1%) and get as much coverage as you can inside the bowl. Add a spoon and you are ready to start your day. MMMMM."

My "cooking show" is getting more elaborate than my actual meals. I'm even playing around with a couple different show names:

"Your Fry is Open"
"Grills Gone Wild"
"Saute Night Fever"

If this all wasn't embarrassing enough (in my head) the ratings are through the roof.

I sure hope I'm not the only one that does this.

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