A couple coworkers and myself were treated to a fantastic couple of days at the Kwik Trip (known as Kwik Star here in Iowa) headquarters which includes their dairy, bakery, kitchen and distribution center all in lovely La Crosse, Wisconsin. Along the way, we got shots of every Kwik Star/Trip we passed. (See below)

Here's some of the pretty sweet things we learned about Kwik Star:

  • KT has their own blow mold plant and makes their own milk bottles and jugs.
  • They ship 21,120 cases of bananas each week!
  • In 2018, their bakery produced 6,471,582 boxes of those amazing Glazer Donuts. That equals 38,829,492 individual Glazers. I think I had about half those...
  • Their kitchen can produce 35,000 sandwiches per day.
  • There's Kwik Trip/Stars in only three states: Wisconsin, Minnesota and of course here in Iowa.
  • Iowa is getting the most new locations in 2019 including one in Cedar Falls!

All in all we all learned a lot about the company, but most impressive was how well they treat their employees. If you have ever been in an area Kwik Star, you already know how friendly and knowledgeable they are. It's great to know they're also treated well!

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