A popular gas station franchise is set to expand with more Iowa locations this year.

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Kwik Star (or Kwik Trip depending on where you're from) is a family owned company with roots in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Officials have recently announced the plans the corporation has to expand throughout the Midwest this year.

There are more than 700 Kwik Star locations in the country at the moment. This year, the number is set to increase by 31. Construction on many of these new franchise locations are set to begin sometime this month. According to officials, usually the entire process from first breaking ground in the spot to the grand opening takes approximately four months.

So, by August multiple new Kwik Star/Trip locations should be open for business.

The plan is for all of the new convenience stores/gas stations to be a go by the end of 2023, according to reports. Officials confirmed that these new stores will open in six states across the Midwest.

Here is the breakdown of new franchise locations by state:

Minnesota ~ 10

Wisconsin ~ 8

South Dakota ~ 6

Iowa ~ 4

Michigan ~ 2

Illinois ~ 1

We know of one location in Iowa that is set to open this year, and it is located in Waterloo near the new Starbucks that is set to break ground on Kimball Avenue. Read more about this new business here. 

We will keep you updated as these businesses begin to open throughout the Midwest.

Stay up to date on the latest business openings by downloading the free station app from the app store. Also, for the latest news about these Iowa locations, make sure to follow the station across all social media platforms.

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