Music festival season is in full swing! We all love going to three day long concerts! I mean what is not to love? There is the music, the partying, the freedom for everyone to enjoy the same music.... and yet, idiots can ruin everything and there are many of those at music festivals.

Unfortunately, your experience can be ruined by one idiot whether they are just too drunk or just plain obnoxious and it all goes downhill. This is why I am sending out this PSA, just so everyone can enjoy their experiences they paid for.

Four Loko polled surveyed more than 1,800 people at 16 different festivals to find out what annoys us the most at music festivals... here is what they said:

1.  Peeing outside Porta-Potties.

2.  Holding up signs.

3.  Smelly bodies.

4.  Moshing / Crowd Surfing.

5.  Sneaking in or sharing bracelets.

6.  Taking video during a set.

7.  Pushing to the front during a set.

8.  People on drugs.

9.  Hooking up / PDA.

10.  Showing a lot of skin.

11.  Cultural appropriation.

12.  Funny T-shirts / Costumes.

13.  Talking during a set.

14.  Singing along loudly. (well, maybe you just shouldn't go to concerts in general if you don't want this to happen)

So, please music festival goers... DON'T DO THESE! That is all, thank you.

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