One of my favorite pastimes is to scroll through Zillow and check out all of the homes I can never afford. One of those homes I found might just be the most expensive home for sale in Iowa.

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Spirit Lake, Iowa might be home to the most expensive house in all of the Hawkeye State. This nearly 25,000 square foot property is called Peace Harbor and is located on West Okoboji. The home has a lakeshore lot right along the property.

This is no ordinary house either. It's surrounded by different wildlife management areas and beautiful lakes like in Arnolds Park. Not only is it worth $9.9 million, but the home also has several features that were on my childhood home checklist.

Movie theater? Check!

Located right by a body of water? Check!

An Irish Pub INSIDE of my own home? Check!

Every kid wanted an Irish Pub in their home growing up, right?

Peace Harbor has eight bedrooms as well as fifteen bathrooms, and a master wing. Yes, an entire wing. Along with that, there are six garages attached to the home. I have to say that this entire home seems more like a resort than a home.

"Three years in the planning and construction, this retreat is a collaboration of the highest quality designers, architects, builders, and tradespeople to ever be convened in the lakes area."

I found this through a Tik Tok from this account the other day called Zillow Gone Wild. Check out this hilarious review of the house in the video down below!

@zillowgonewildWho wants to split it with me ##foryou♬ original sound - Zillow Gone Wild

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