Have you ever seen a moose in real life? I have never been lucky to spot one in person but there have been a lot of Midwesterners who have had there opportunity for the past 2 months. Fans have named this little (big) guy 'Rutt' and he's become a bit of an midwestern celebrity.

Normally when you come across a moose it will be in the most northern regions of the United States or Canada. Whether it's in Maine, Vermont, Minnesota, Montana, Washington, or Canada, they don't normally show up in the state of Iowa. Rutt has been on quite the journey as he has traveled from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

At the time of writing there is a public group on Facebook with over 37 thousand members who've been hoping to see this internet sensation make it back home. 5 days ago Rutt was spotted in Clarissa, Minnesota, which is about a 2 hour drive north of Minneapolis. While Clarissa is in the central part of Minnesota, it's still plenty far south to find a moose.

The good news for Rutt is he most likely won't be seen again. If the Rutt-Facebook page is correct, he has made in further north in Minnesota. He should be in a pretty good part of the state to remain hidden and make it back home within a month.

Those running the Rutt Facebook page have decided to post his whereabouts hours after he was last seen, as too avoid stressing him out with more attention.

There's Another Moose on the Loose?!

During Thanksgiving weekend, KTIV reports another moose was spotted in Iowa swimming across Big Spirit Lake. There have been other posts showing this moose wandering around 240th Avenue on the west side of Big Spirit Lake.


According to KTIV, you should keep your distance if you do come across a moose. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources wants everyone to know "you should keep your distance and let it be. They can become aggressive if agitated."

I Have a Theory...

What is with multiple moose showing up in Iowa and more south than they would normally travel? Could this have something to possibly do with the Canadian wildfires that took place in late September and October? Is it possible some of these massive animals decided to pack their bags and get the heck out of dodge for a while?

I'm no animal expert but if my home area was completely on fire...I'd want to get as far away as comfortably possible. Maybe these guys traveled south until they could no longer smell the Canadian forest fires. I'm just speculating for fun but it is pretty interesting we've now seen multiple moose showing up around the same locations, around the same time of the year.

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