This midwestern Police officer happened to be in the right place at the right time and because of his actions, he saved the lives of these cows, helped save most of this building structure, and he saved these farmers a lot of time and money.

The events in this story took place on June 25th but have only recently started making headlines on the internet. The reason June 25th is important in this story is you might remember that there were many midwestern states dealing with the hazy air around that time, due to the Canadian wildfires. There was hazy and smokey air here in Iowa and a plethora of states across the country were dealing with poor air quality at that time.

According to NY Post, on June 25th a Sturgeon Bay police officer named Andrew Crabb was nearing the end of his overnight shift when he noticed there was heavy smoke coming from a nearby farm. He noticed fairly quickly that this was more than just smokey air coming from the Canadian wildfires. There was black smoke coming from a barn.

In the video, you can see Officer Crabb head towards the barn and he notices there are 3 cows stuck inside of the enclosure. Naturally, this hero knew he had to get these cows out. According to the NY Post, Crabb said

Once I realized what was going on inside that barn, I realized the gate didn’t get undone and those cows were not going to make it. So I ran in there and got the gate and then got them out. And I didn’t have to really encourage them too much. They knew exactly what they needed to do once that gate was open.

There's a reason these cows were kept inside the barn. They were actually deemed "prone to escape" but once Officer Crabb opened the gate, they joined the rest of their herd.

Not only did Officer Crabb save these three cows, but he is also a big reason the structure of the barn is still mostly intact. He called the fire in and then an all-volunteer fire brigade was able to save most of the structure, according to the NY Post.

To make things even more interesting, the daughter of the farm's owner happens to be a 911 dispatcher in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. She was thankful to Officer Crabb for "not only seeing the fire and calling it in but also saving the 3 cattle that her dad was housing."

I'm not sure if Officer Crabb drinks beer or not but if he does...I have a feeling he didn't/won't have to pay for his next one.

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