Megan Moroney was already one of Nashville's most promising storytellers before dropping her new song, "28th of June."

  • "28th of June" is Moroney's second new release since dropping the Lucky album last May.
  • Last month, the "I'm Not Pretty" singer was featured as one of five New Faces of Country Music at Country Radio Seminar (CRS).
  • Look for Moroney on tour with Kenny Chesney in 2024.

The piano ballad finds her singing atop little more than piano. She's heartbroken as an anniversary she shared with an ex comes back around.

"Another 365 have come and gone / Today wouldn't been a day that we'd celebrate / And now it's just another Tuesday," Moroney sings to close the chorus.

Steel guitar joins the singer midway through "28th of June," but you'll barely notice over the breathless emotion she summons as she offers her most vulnerable moment to date.

Credit needs to be given to the songwriters, but not for the usual reasons.

Megan Moroney, "28th of June" Lyrics:

Ben Williams, Mackenzie Carpenter and Micah Carpenter joined Moroney to write "28th of June." At some point, the decision was made to strip away nearly all instruments and leave the singer alone with a piano and her feelings. That takes a certain amount of trust.

A nervous songwriter might stuff the gaps with excess or use the moment as an excuse to create fine poetry. Instead, there's a relatable simplicity to "28th of June" that will bridge demographics.

"Come on babe, don't say it's true / That she loves you like I still do," she sings. "Say I still cross your mind / And it's eating you alive." 

Find the full lyrics to Moroney's "28th of June" below. The timing of this release suggests it may never get released to country radio, but it's sure to be a great moment on stage this year.

Megan Moroney, 28th of June song art
Sony Music Nashville

28th of June it was me and you / Rose petals on the bed and I love you / Written on a happy one year card / Here’s to forever, you have my heart.

Drank a bottle of red and opened up another / Danced around the room holding onto each other / Like we were never gonna let go / I was too naïve to know.

Just ‘cause something’s good don’t mean it lasts / By fall we fell apart and just like that / Time kept ticking and you moved on / Another 365 have come and gone / Today would’ve been a day that we’d celebrate / And now it’s just another Tuesday.

28th of June calling out of work / Waking up alone sleeping in your shirt / Wondering if you think about me / Are you really already happy?

Come on babe, don’t say it’s true / That she loves you like I still do / Say I still cross your mind / And it’s eating you alive.

Repeat Chorus

The 28th of June will come one day / I’ll wake up and be ok / But the rain outside / Says it won’t be today.

Repeat Chorus

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