Iowa is going down as one of the best states for college hoops.

Three of our college teams have appeared in the NCAA Tournament this year. Making it really easy to root for any team from Iowa in March Madness.

The Iowa Women’s Basketball team is getting ready for their appearance in the highly anticipated final four matchup against UCONN on Friday, April 5th.

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Time to Give the University of Northern Iowa Some Love

We all know that Caitlin Clark has been breaking records and helping the team sell out stadiums.

But it’s another player for a whole other team that should be getting her turn in the spotlight.

The University of Northern Iowa Panthers have built a legacy for themselves in athletic excellence.

They are program standouts in volleyball and have become strong contenders in the Mississippi Valley Conference for all sports.

However, this year one member of the UNI Women’s Basketball team has made history in the sport.

Maya McDermott a junior from Johnston is making a name for herself in Division I college hoops.

The Panther prodigy even went up against Caitlin Clark a time or two during their high school basketball days.

The guard for the University of Northern Iowa’s basketball team is now a leader in NCAA hoops.

As of this season, McDermott is the NCAA National free throw percentage leader.

She surpassed both the men’s and women’s program numbers (for the entire nation by the way) to have a 96.4% free throw percentage this season! 

Make sure to show some support to the women’s hoops program at UNI next year by showing up to games and cheering on this phenom!

College athletes in Iowa are built different!

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