We've seen players and managers get ejected from games before. But what do they do after being escorted off the field? Probably not what Marshawn Lynch did.

First, let's show you why Lynch was ejected from the game. There was some "extra curricular activities" that happened after the play. Mind you... that Lynch was NOT in the game on this play. He put his helmet on and ran on to the field to be involved in the scuffle. Then he shoves an official which gets you an automatic ejection.

Later on in the game, Thursday Night Football announcer, Jim Nantz had told the audience that he received word that Lynch had even left the stadium. He did leave the locker room area, but he did not leave the stadium.

The NFL will be reviewing his actions on the field but current reports have said that the NFL has not looked into any disciplinary actions for sitting in the stands for the remainder of the game.

This is not the first time someone who had been ejected tried to watch the end of the game in person. In 1999, Mets manger Bobby Valentine was ejected from a game versus the Blue Jays. He spent some time in the locker before coming back to the dugout in the worst disguise ever. The classic fake mustache and glasses look.


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