It's time for Throwback Thursday Throwdown on Marks in the Morning! What's this you ask?

Well if you have been listening to Marks in the Morning on K92.3, you know that every Thursday is Throwback Thursday all day. This means you get to hear your favorite throwback country songs all day long from your favorite artists. Well Johnny Marks and Tiffany Kay decided to up the game and turn it into a little competition on Marks in the Morning (are you surprised by this?).

Here is how it works, Johnny Marks and Tiffany Kay both pick a Throwback Thursday song for the throwdown. Then they put their pick of the week here and YOU all get to vote on which song you want to hear on Thursday during Marks in the Morning. The catch? Well, you won't know who picked what song. We are keeping that bit a secret to keep it fair. But once Thursday comes around and the votes are tallied up we will find out the winning song and who choose it on Marks in the Morning!

So go ahead and vote and then listen to Marks in the Morning on Thursday to find out the winner!

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