Police in Marion are searching for those responsible for vandalizing numerous businesses in the downtown area early Thursday morning.

KCRG reports that the buildings that were vandalized were along several blocks of 10th street near downtown Marion. Businesses, houses, and other public property were spray painted with hate messages, swastikas, and white supremacy. A resident who lives in the vandalized area told KCRG that it was "disheartening to see this happen to so many people."

Marion police say that they responded to a total of 15 reports of people who say they experienced the vandalism. Police have also released a video that shows three people getting out of a van. It is believed that they had something to do with the spray painting, according to KCRG.

While Marion police confirm that some of the messages written on businesses and houses were racist and anti-Semitic, they don't qualify as a hate crime. Marion police officer Tom Daubs told KCRG "No individual was targeted. We feel like these businesses were just randomly selected."

If you have any information regarding this case, you are urged to contact the Marion police department.

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