Congratulations to our Student of the Week winner: Malachi Daringer-Wright! Malachi is a sophomore at West High School with an impressive resume already. Overachiever? I think this student takes the cake on that! Literally, our jaws dropped when we read everything he does alongside keeping up good grades in advanced classes at school. I mean, does this kid ever sleep? You can decide if he does after reading his nomination from his mom...

"I am nominating my son who is a sophomore at West High. His name is Malachi and is a very hard worker as well student. He has held his 1st job at McDonald's in Cedar Falls since he was 14 years old, currently taking all advances classes, services in his church at Prairie Lakes Church (Cedar Falls) as well attends Wednesday night for small groups. This year he is going out for cross country and has shown dedication as he attends practice 3 times during the week at 545 am and 5 days a week in the afternoon after school, plus Saturday mornings. He always has a positive outlook on life and believes that anything is possibly as long as you work hard and stay focus."

I am tired just reading all that! He is busier than most adults and still has good spirits about him every day. He was very surprised to receive this award and so nice! Good luck on the future Malachi, you sure do have a bright one ahead of you! And remember to sleep once in a while!

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