How Two Teens Absolutely Humiliated Me at the Iowa Game

I went to my very first Iowa Women's Basketball Game. It was a fantastic showing between Penn State and Iowa.

My dad even flew in from Pennsylvania to go with me to the game on Thursday, February 8th at Carver-Hawkeye Arena!

While it was a great experience overall, there was a single moment that shook me up a bit.

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Here's How It Went Down...

My dad and I got to Carver-Hawkeye Arena right when the doors opened. Since it was our first time attending a game here, we just wanted to give ourselves some wiggle room in case there was traffic or anything.

Since they open their doors at 6:30 PM (a whole hour and a half before the game starts at 8:00 PM) we had a whole lot of time to kill.

We spent it kind of putzing around the stadium, checking out the different booths, apparel, and general ambiance of the place.

I decided to make a stop for one of those famous Carver Cones.



The line for ice cream was so long! It took about twenty minutes for me to finally get to the cashier and get my hands on one of those sweet treats.

As I stood in line, two teenage boys came up right behind me in line. They were fooling around and just being kids.

When we reached the halfway point in the line, I started to listen into their conversation. I wasn't being nosy! I was just bored out of my mind!

Well, I overheard one conversation that taught me to never eavesdrop on any conversation again. It took me right back to high school.

One of the teenagers said to the other, "Wow! Look at that interesting ceiling design!"

Without thinking, I quickly looked up. There wasn't anything that interesting about the ceiling of the arena, especially right by the Carver Cone stand. So, I shrugged it off and just went back to blankly staring ahead.

Then I heard it...

Those two guys were laughing...

At me...


They were acting like they pulled off the greatest prank of the century. These two teens tricked me into looking up at the ceiling like an absolute idiot!

I even heard one of them whisper to his buddy something like,

"I can't believe she fell for one has actually ever done it so quickly!"

I blushed and started to get so sweaty. It was so humiliating to fall for a stupid little trick like that.

Me, a college educated woman had been bamboozled by two teenage boys who were using slang I couldn't even figure out.

I felt old, I felt humiliated, and I still felt kind of hungry.

Luckily, things didn't seem so bad after I finally got my Carver Cone.

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