K98.5's Student of the Week this week goes to a most deserving 8th grader at George Washington Carver Academy, William C.! Big heart, hardworking, great grades, athletic and always willing to lend a helping are just a few of the reasons that William deserved this award.

Tiffany Kay
Tiffany Kay

Let's see exactly why he is growing into a kind-hearted, strong young man from the mouth of the nominator.

"William is a great student and he goes out of his way to help other students and teachers. He's involved in track, wrestling, football, baseball and he still keeps his grades up. He tries very hard in school to keep his grades up. He will help the kids in our neighborhood fix their bikes and this winter he shoveled the neighbor's driveway because the neighbor's husband passed away and he wanted to help. He shows teamwork, he is always willing to help someone and he has a big heart and very outgoing."

Wow! This is a prime example of a kid who is going to help to change the world for the better and bring some kindness back to it... and he is not even in high school yet! Congratulations William on being an awesome student/human and good luck as you begin high school next year! You have a bright and powerful future ahead of you!

To check out a video of his reaction to this news, go to our Instagram page at "K985 Waterloo."

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