As we remember the attacks that happened 17 years ago, our listeners share their 9/11 stories.

On KCountry Mornings, I wanted to know your 9/11 story. It seems like we all have some sort of "where were you moment" on one of the most infamous days in American History.

I was a week into my junior year of high school and we had heard that the US was under attack. We had a blocked math class (2 classes in a row). Our teacher just said, "If you need to go talk to a counselor, just go. You don't need permission." He then turned the TV on, the lights out, and left the classroom. Our class sat transfixed on the TV and if anyone spoke at all, it was to just express how shocking this all was.

We had the phone lines going for our listeners to tell their stories and we had a 9/11 remembrance and retrospectives.

You can hear that all here:

Also, the first big public assembly that the country had after 9/11 was an episode (then) WWF (now) WWE Thursday Night Smackdown. The episode started with the chairman, Vince McMahon, addressing the crowd in Houston. See his passionate monologue here:

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