It's not everyday that a kid you babysit becomes one of the most recognizable stars in the world, but that happened to one Iowa woman many decades ago. One of the most famous Iowans, Mr. Johnny Carson himself, never forgot his Midwestern roots, even after going to Hollywood.

One woman that never forgot him was his old babysitter, and he ended up giving her a call during a taping of his show.

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Johnny Carson was born in Corning, Iowa in 1925. He spent his first few years of life in the Hawkeye State. His family moved to Nebraska when he was just a young boy, but he always remained proud of his Iowa roots.

The comedian had received a letter a few weeks before the show was taped in 1987. It was from a Corning woman who claimed that her aunt used to be Carson's old babysitter. In the note, the niece attached a few photos of her aunt Mabel Gaskill.

NBC/Eric Stickler/KM
NBC/Eric Stickler/KM

She was right! Gaskill used to watch young Johnny back when he lived in Iowa. This young woman also included photos of Carson's old home in Corning. During the taping of his November 6th, 1987 show, the television legend actually rang up his old babysitter for a chat.

At first, there were worries that she wouldn't answer, and in the full clip you can see that the 83-year-old had let the phone ring a few times before picking up.

Courtesy: Jackson Harris via YouTube
Courtesy: Jackson Harris via YouTube

After taking her sweet time, Gaskill FINALLY answered the phone. You can hear her voice shake a bit presumably a bit nervous to be on television (even if it is just her voice that is shared). At first Carson's old babysitter sounds a bit...underwhelmed. In reality, she was just a bit shocked and nervous.

"I'm speechless! That's a bad way to be..."

The 'Tonight Show' staff actually invited the woman to fly out and be on the show, but she turned it down. Why? Well, she's just a bit camera shy.

"I'd die before I'd have to get up before that audience."

You can watch the full interview down below!

In later interviews, the Corning woman proved herself to be a dedicated fan and admirer of the legendary late-night host. Gaskill had clippings of newspapers that Carson was featured in, and claimed to watch him every single night.

When Carson was getting ready to film his last show, reporters interviewed the former babysitter. She shared some fun stories from the tiny star's childhood. You can watch the full news package down below!

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