Court rules that John Deere's green and yellow color combo is a famous trademark

After a week long bench trial in Paducah, Kentucky back in June, a U.S. Court has ruled in favor of John Deere & Company to maintain their signature green and yellow colors as part of the John Deere trademark, ruling against FIMCO, Inc. of South Dakota.

FIMCO manufactures and markets ag sprayers under the "Ag Spray Equipment" brand.  The court found that FIMCO intentionally selected the green and yellow color scheme to create an association with the John Deere brand. In doing so, they would likely cause consumer confusion during purchases as to whether the ag equipment was manufactured or endorsed by John Deere.

Compare and decide for yourself. This video (below) that comes from Ag Spray Equipment's YouTube channel. It features their 200 Gallon 3PT Sprayer W/2300 Series Boom & BXT Boomless Option on what appears to be on the back of a John Deere tractor.

Deere & Company said the lawsuit is part of an ongoing and vigorous effort to protect the company's trademarks and intellectual property.  The court agreed.

Contributing Source:  John Deere & Co.

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