Jason Momoa Finds True Calling as A Flight Attendant

Don't worry! The Iowa native isn't ditching the Aquaman suit for a flight attendant's blazer anytime soon. Jason Momoa recently made waves after a memorable flight to Hawaii went viral.

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Even superheroes need day jobs!

We all know that Momoa calls Iowa home...

On August 1st the superstar hopped on a flight from Los Angeles, California to the beautiful state where he was born, Hawaii. Instead of sitting back and enjoying the flight, he was put to work by Hawaii Air.

Imagine just getting settled after your flight took off and hearing,

"Good morning guests! I'm Jason Momoa..."

That's what a whole plane full of shocked people heard earlier this month!

Dressed to the nines in the official Hawaii Air flight attendant's uniform with a pink flower in his hair the 'Aquaman' actor handed out water bottles to passengers.

Fans freaked out at the sight of the six-foot-seven movie star. Obviously!

He was sure a sight for sore eyes on this plane! Momoa looked to be doing alright even after being involved in a head-on collision with a motorcycle in July.

You can watch another clip of Jason Momoa being an A+ flight attendant down below!

Why Did Jason Momoa Do This?

There really is a good reason for Jason Momoa doning the flight attendant's uniform and handing out water. It's for a cause he cares deeply about; putting a stop to single-use plastic water bottles.

Momoa's company Mananalu is a water bottle company that's trying to save the planet! Instead of plastic, Mananalu is using aluminum.


According to the company's website, it finally hit the Iowa native that there were so many of these plastic water bottles, but soda (or pop if you're a fellow Midwesterner), beer, and juice were ALL sold in cans!

"We can no longer wait. It’s time to stop pointing at the problem, and get on with the solution. Single-use plastic is bad for people and bad for the planet. It’s time to switch to Aluminum,"

~Jason Momoa

He said in an Instagram post which contains the full four-and-a-half-minute video,

"It's a dream come true. My idea to create @Mananalu.watercame to me while on a flight. I'm grateful for your support and it's an honor to have Hawaiian Airlines be the first airline to partner with Mananalu."

Not only did the passengers get to meet the Hollywood A-lister, but all of the people on the flight also apparently got 10,000 flight miles.

You can watch the full video of the experience down below!


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