It's almost Halloween (technically) and that means it's time to watch something that will send shivers down your spine...reality tv.

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Jake challenged me to watch a movie that you picked, and since you are incredibly cruel you made me watch Sinister. I did end up enjoying it (when I wasn't hiding behind my hands). However, it was no easy task to get me to watch a horror film since I'm easily spooked...

I actually am the worst person to bring to a horror movie. I'm so jumpy.

So, to even out the playing field I insisted that Jake watch something in my wheelhouse. Something SO terrifying...something so shocking that he wouldn't be able to go to sleep that night. That's how I came to the idea of Jake watching one of my guilty pleasure's trashy reality television.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to be precise. I got really into it when the pandemic started. Who else doesn't want to watch mindless television instead of turning on the news? Jake's reaction was as golden as I expected.

I made him watch an episode from season 10 of the franchise called 'Mind Your P's and BBQ's' and he HATED it.

In the end, Jake gave this episode a solid 5/10, which is way higher than I expected! He supported the one husband that he saw on the show which makes sense. Jake also can't keep track of all of the ladies' names or what exactly their jobs are.

You can watch the full video of Jake and my reactions to our respective bits of programming.

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