Have you ever dreamed of going to space but never became an astronaut? I am sure there are plenty of us out there who have dreamed of taking a trip to space to see what it is like but never had the chance..... well now we do!

For those of you space buffs out there, you will have a chance to win a trip to the international space station by winning a new reality TV show. "Space Hero" is a new reality TV show in the works from Space Hero Inc. which is a US-based production company developing the show. Basically they idea is to search the globe for someone with a deep love for space. The participants will be put through training that astronauts must go through such as physical, mental and emotional tests.

The participants will then be training with Axion Space Inc. and then lift off for 10 days with professional astronauts for their trip to space in 2023.

Sound like something you would choose to do? Personally the idea of going to space is not really my thing as I have an irrational fear of getting stuck up there alone and never making it back to earth... but you know, that's just my fear. For those budding astronauts out there that have been dying to go to space, you can find more of the store here.

Good luck and let me know how it is when you get up there because we all know, we may be living on space stations sooner rather than later with the way 2020 is going and I want to be prepared.

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