It maybe found within the year.

An Israeli company called Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi) claims that they have used peptides, a chain of amino acids, to target cancer cells and preliminary research on mice gives the group optimism that a cure could be found "within the year". These peptides have targeted and killed cancer cells in mice.

The company has only tested the treatment in mice and will take at least six to seven years to bring cancer drugs from "mouse to market".

The CEO of AEBi, Dr. Ilan Morad said it also works to target cancer stem cells, eliminating the chances of recurrence claiming it will be effective from "Day 1" and cause "no or minimal side effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments."

Dr. Ben Neel who is the director of Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU is skeptical saying that there are so many things that cause cancer that it would be like finding a single cure for any infection. But if AEBi does find a cure for cancer, they will have his congratulations and thanks. But does not want to endorse anything that will give false hope in cancer patients.

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