One of the best parts about living in Iowa is that it's pretty rare to find yourself stuck in stop-and-go traffic. If you're going to or leaving a Hawkeye game, you might have to sit and wait for cars to get going. Traffic can happen in Iowa but for the most part, getting from point A to point B is a pretty simple and quick process. No one enjoys being stuck behind cars on the road and traveling at a snail's pace. Traffic can make you stressed out, it can make you late, and it costs you money.

According to Wallet Hub, the average U.S. driver wasted $869 sitting in traffic this year and spent an average of 51 hours sitting. Out of the world's 25 worst cities for traffic, America has 8 of those cities. Thankfully, we don't deal with a ton of that in Iowa. Imagine having to sit in something like this every day going to and from work.

Unsplash - Koushik Pal
Unsplash - Koushik Pal

While traffic can be costly, time-consuming, and expensive, it's not the only thing people worry about while driving. Knowing you're able to drive on roads that have been maintained helps keep you feeling confident about your various travels. No one likes driving on snowy/icy roads or roads with too many potholes. Both of these scenarios can be dangerous and also damaging to your vehicle.

Did you know the state of Iowa ranks number 1 out of the states with the most positive driving experiences?  Wallet Hub compared all 50 states on the most positive driving experiences. They used 31 key indicators in their study that varied from gas prices, rush-hour traffic, and road quality.

Source: WalletHub

I've seen a lot of studies like this from Wallet Hub, about the best and worst states/cities for a variety of things. I'm happy to announce that this is the first time I've ever seen Iowa come out on top!  Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, and North Carolina help round out the top 5 best states for driving. The bottom 5 worst states to drive in are Missouri, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, Washington, and Hawaii.

While I enjoy having to almost never sit in traffic while getting around the area I live in, I wonder if this study should've included blinker use...we could see a little more of that in the Hawkeye state.

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