So you have now worked for like 50 years and it's time to retire and live the easy life, right? But, where is the best place to retire to?

WalletHub recently did a study of all 50 states to find out the best place for people to retire too. They took into account affordability (since most retirees can't fully depend on social security checks), health factors, crime rates, extracurricular and quality of life.... and guess what.... Iowa made the top 10!

Actually, Iowa is the 10th best state to retire too according to this list. They ranked well in aspects of this study including 3rd in Health-Care Facilities per Capita, 8th in Elderly-Friendly Labor Market and even 16th in  Life Expectancy.

So Iowans, if you are planning in retiring anywhere in the near future you don't even need to move out of state to enjoy retirement! The best place to retire to is right here so just stay put!


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