Well it is that time of year where all of our waistbands are about to grow but of course for a good reason... delicious holiday meals! Honestly, I think we can all agree the best thing about the holidays is the food and with Thanksgiving coming right around the corner, let's talk about it!

I personally love Christmas more than Thanksgiving, especially because I do not like turkey, but each holiday has their perks. I think Thanksgiving causes more issues amongst the family dinner table with the politics talk so I tend to just use that time to focus on the food and boy is there a lot of it! Now I already mentioned that I am not a fan of turkey so you are probably wondering what I eat during the holidays? ALL THE SIDES! Literally my plate is just a mess of sides which is why I feel slightly qualified to list the best Thanksgiving side dishes out there.

Now I know I am not an expert but this is just based on my opinion alone and my likes, so if you don't see your favorite one on here.... I am just not a fan. So here are the best Thanksgiving side dishes out there!

1. Mac & Cheese- I mean you should have seen this coming

2. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

3. Pasta Salad

4. Rolls

5. Stuffing

6. Creamed Corn

7. Green Beans

8. Chips & Dip

9. Deviled Eggs

10. Pumpkin Pie (I am calling this a side)

Yes these are not your traditional ones and no, no casseroles but these are my favorites and I hope they make an appearance on your dining room table this Thanksgiving!

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