We all Google something before we actually get it taken care of. So what is Iowa's most googled symptom? Find out.

BroBible.com partnered up with Medicare Health Plans to scour the internet and revealed the top medical searches from each state. From the sniffs and sniffles to pregnancy cravings, all the way to lucid dreams, there were a lot of interesting answers that showed up on the list for the whole country.

But for Iowa, we were spending most of our medical symptom googling dealing with: Stress.

Which seems strange because it was just a few months ago that we learned that Iowa was one of the leased stressed states in the country.

We were not the only state worried about our stress levels: Oregon, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts all had stress on the mind and in their Google searches.

Other noteworthy (or odd) answers were:

California: Sweaty Palms
Idaho: Symptoms of E. coli
New Mexico: Phlegm (New Mexicans actually misspelled this as F-L-E-M)
Nebraska: Signs of Low Testosterone
Mississippi: Gas
Ohio: Paleness
Indiana: Uncircumcised Problems (We have a winner)

To see every state's Most Googled Medical Symptom: CLICK HERE.

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