It's National Potato Day! So naturally a survey is in order! This new survey from YouGov found only 2% of Americans DON'T like potatoes.

So what did the survey find about how we liked our potatoes? Well number 1 should not surprise you much.

Here are our ten favorite ways to eat potatoes:

1.  French fries, with 24% of the vote. (They may be called 'French Fries', but they are oh so American!)

2.  Baked potatoes, 20%.

3.  Mashed potatoes, 19%.

4.  Roasted potatoes, 9%.

5.  Hash browns, 5%.

6.  Tater tots, 5%.

7.  Potato salad, also 5%.

8.  Potato chips, only 4% of the vote. (So we Americans like hash browns MORE than potato chips? And potato salad more than potato chip? Really...)

9.  Potato pancakes or latkes, 2%.

10.  Some other way to eat them, 1% of the vote. (That was me voting. I like to eat 'em just like apples! Kidding. Maaaybe.)

And for a lil' more fun, here is a classic to help celebrate the 'holiday' that is all things potatoes:

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