Uber just released its annual list of the strangest things people left behind in Ubers last year. The Top 50 list doesn't appear to be ranked in any way, but you can check it out, but I scanned through and checked out some of what I thought are the weirdest, and boy are they weird... Enjoy!

  • A two-month-old Chihuahua
  • A full set of 18-karat gold teeth
  • Two packs of Italian sausage and a Thanksgiving ham
  • A set of deer antlers
  • A welding helmet
  • A small handmade cat puppet
  • A baseball signed by Babe Ruth!! Yep, THAT Babe Ruth.
  • An Elvis cape
  • Afull fish tank with fish and water in it
  • 10 pounds of pulled pork
  • A bag of hair along with a brush shaped like a foot

The list also revealed the places where people forget stuff the most and wouldn't you know, an Iowa town made the list!

Sioux City, Iowa was number 6.


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