Here's a viral video challenge that's NOT going to get any more views from me. Not because it is dangerous, or even stupid. It's just... LOUD. And OK, kinda stupid too.

The newest thing people are doing on social media is the #CarAlarmChallenge, where you do your best imitation of a car alarm. Yep. As you might imagine, that means making a lot of shrill car-alarm-like noises. And I have never heard anyone explain, 'oh that loud car alarm has such a soothing, sweet sound!' And I highly doubt I ever will, from someone fully sober that is.

Now that said, some people's videos are surprisingly good. Good as in, they sound like a car alarm. But once more, is successfully imitating one of the most hated sounds in the world really an achievement? Maybe this is a challenge the universe could have done without. But alas, if you must try it, do the Cedar Valley a HUGE favor: Do not do it before the sun comes up. Or, ever on a weekend. Thanks!

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