Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic times of year...if you actually have someone to spend it with. And even when you do, it's sometimes hard finding the PERFECT gift for your sweetie on this sweet day.

If you are looking to go the candy route, chocolates are always the safe choice. However, the majority of Iowans prefer a different type of confectionary treat. Iowans in this state love conversation hearts so much that they claim it as their favorite.

These candied conversation hearts can't stop us from having the same conversation every single February, ladies. What do we actually want for Valentine's Day?

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We posed this question on air today and on Facebook. To listen to the full conversation we had on Marks In The Morning make sure to check out the podcast


As a woman myself I can speak on this. We do not want a dozen roses on Valentine's Day, or a box of chocolates...but I won't say NO to chocolate...we want to feel appreciated.

So, if you are dating, married to, or crushing on a woman in Iowa; here are a few things they would love to get this February 14th.

9 Things Women Really Want For Valentine's Day

February 4th, 2021 Snowstorm



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