While some of us may not have a sweetie as we're approaching Valentine's Day, we do all have a favorite sweet. The best part about this holiday for single people is actually the day after...when we all get our favorite Valentine's Day candy for a deep discount.

There is so much leftover Valentine's Day candy after the holiday that stores are practically giving it away. Everyone has there favorite go to sweet treat which is why this is the easiest (and sweetest) gift to give. Mine is everything and anything chocolate.

Zippia recently released a new survey that determined each and every single state's favorite Valentine candy. It turns out that most of the United States agrees with me! The majority of states actually choose chocolate Valentine candy over everything else.

45 of the states were found to prefer chocolate, and the most popular candy to give or receive on this February holiday is chocolate covered strawberries.

Illinois, our neighbor to the east, prefers chocolate strawberries on Valentine's Day, but what about our own beautiful state? Iowa is one of the five states in the entire country that don't call chocolate their favorite.

Iowans favorite Valentine's Day candy you ask?

Conversation Hearts...

The other states that chose something other than chocolate were:

California...Candy Necklaces

North Dakota...Conversation Hearts

Michigan...Conversation Hearts

Maine...Conversation Hearts

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