This year's Iowa State Fair is expected to be one of the biggest and best yet.

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Deep fried food on a stick, amazing concerts, and thrilling rides are all synonymous with the Iowa State Fair. It is widely considered one of the best fairs in the entire country.

Fair officials have announced that there will be some new rides and an old favorite returning to the State Fairgrounds this August. Nine new rides in total will be making their way to the midway.

Eight of them are completely new:

  • Lil' Scrambler
  • Tornado
  • Mega Bounce
  • Super Shot
  • Eclipse
  • Musik Express
  • Top Fun
  • Flipper

The Lil' Scrambler will be the only new ride that will be set up in Thrill Town. Rides in this area are mainly for those who are 46 inches or shorter.

However, the rest of the rides are expected to be located in Thrill Ville which is described as having, "spectacular, jaw dropping and super-speed screams with the best of today’s rides..."

Another ride will actually be making a return to Thrill Ville area this fair season.

August 2016 marked the last time that Iowans got to ride the beloved double Ferris wheel at the State Fair. Also known as the Skywheel, this attraction became an enduring tradition at the Midwestern event.

The Iowa State Fair will be going on August 10th through the 20th. You can get more information on tickets for entry and Grandstand acts here.

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